Extension Tubes

Finally received my set of extension tubes today. I bought them used on ebay but their condition is very excellent, as if the past owner never used them.

For those who are not familiar with extension tubes, they are tube-shaped components that go between the camera and the lens. Their sole purpose is to move the lens further from the image plane/sensor. This allows for closer focusing distance and higher magnification, which is something that most macro photographers aim for.

Needless to say, these tubes add extra weight and length to my already heavy handheld kit. I can’t wait to go out and hunt for small things to take photos of.

I took only a few test shots tonight, below is one example. If you’re wondering what this is, this was portion of the chapstick that I placed right below the camera on the photo seen above. The extension tubes are represented by the first 3 red dots closest to the camera.


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