The Danger of Wide Angle

In preparation for my upcoming trip to Indonesia, I reviewed the photos taken during my last big vacation trip. From them, there is always one consistent and very noticeable error, overuse of wide angle lens.

European cities are filled with old, beautiful and very large buildings and environments. In the quest of capturing everything, I stuck with my wide angle lens for most of my trip. This worked out great in some situation, such as the colosseum photo seen above.

However, wide angle lens provide distorted perspective views that when used inappropriately, you’ll end up with buildings falling backward or curving to the center. When used on photos with people in them, the result can be very unattractive. Samples below.



The fun part of having photography as a hobby is I get to learn “on the job”. While I wish I learned this specific lesson before I went to Europe, having done the wrong things was definitely a good learning experience and is something I will always remember in the future.

I won’t be taking my wide angle lens to Indonesia because that lens doesn’t really work well on my full-frame Canon 6D. However, I will be using 24-105mm lens so I still need to be careful on when to use the 24mm end.

You can see my 2011 Euro trip photo gallery here:

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