I’ve finally arrived in Palembang, my birth city. I’d have to say that I do not recognize this city at all. Apparently the 2011 Southeast Asian Games was held here (and Jakarta) so a bunch of stuff were built for it, such as improved/new Airport, widen main roads and really really nice hotels (such as the one I’m staying in now). But then again, without those changes, I’d probably still not recognize it since I moved to Jakarta when I was only a toddler.

The trip here this morning was eventful. Due to miscommunication/misunderstanding, we ended up narrowly missing the flight by minutes. This is the first time we had to run through the airport and cut lines of people off. Thankfully the security checkpoints are not like TSA and Indonesian people are generally very friendly and understanding.

Anyway, I have two goals for visiting Palembang, food and family, and I think I hit that goal successfully with just today. I can’t wait for tomorrow to meet with even more of my relatives and eating more great Sumatra food.




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