I’m finally back in New York City, arrived yesterday after 20+ hour flight, and heading back home later today. The trip is now officially over.

The last blog entry was almost 3 weeks ago, back when I just arrived in Bali. A lot of things have happened since that day and unfortunately I didn’t have time to write more. I saw and experienced so many beautiful and great things, it was hard to put in writing. Not having Internet access for a lot of time also didn’t help.

If I could summarize this trip quickly, it pretty much came down to the following:

  • I underestimated the number of relatives I have in Indonesia. Meeting most of them have been truly a great experience and they are what I will miss the most.
  • The second thing I will miss is definitely the food. I stand by my opinion that Indonesian food is the best in the world and not having easy access (or for some, none at all) to them will be depressing.
  • Traffic in Indonesia is very chaotic and almost lawless, but I feel a lot safer in it than in US (because of the chaos, every drivers are always alert and paying attention)
  • Bali is a paradise.
  • In general, Jakarta only has malls, restaurants and heavy traffic for tourist attraction. However, the shopping malls in Jakarta are so much bigger, flashier and all around better than any American malls I’ve been into, so this is something worth seeing if you’re into shopping.
  • It’s refreshing to be in a country where common sense and being good to other people takes higher precedence than what the law books say.

I think that’s it for now. I look forward to going home, get over this jet lag, and start working on the trip photos.

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